District Elder Ronnie Carter known as the “Fire-up Preacher” was ordained, in July 1985. He is the founder and pastor of the Faith Holiness Apostolic Church in the city of  East St. Louis, Illinois since 1990.

The church theme: “Less of Me, More of You (Jesus),” (John 3:30).  Church Motto: Living to Please God (Hebrews 11:15).

This man of God demonstrates such a love and excitement under the influence , power and the anointing of the living God.  Many souls have been baptized and filled with the precious gift of the holy ghost, delivered, healed and set free under his leadership.

This church has a great anointing in it, there has been multiple sighting of angels, two witnessed by visiting ministers during service.  We are excited about what God is doing and about to do.

The church continues to grow in kingdom work, we have various ministries (Sunday school, youth ministry, ushers, building fund, women’s ministry, health ministry, beautification ministry etc.) Operating that will benefit the body as well as our community.

Pastor Carter was appointed and elevated to District Elder in the July Council 2012 by Bishop Larry O. Jones Diocesan of the 12th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assembly of the World.   He is presently the director of MDC Ushers Department and Vice Chairman of the 5th Jurisdiction Fellowship.Pastor Carter was also ordained in 1985 during the July Council by the late Bishop P.L. Scott. 

District Elder Carter professionally works and deal with troubled children and teens.  He has an Associate Degree in Social Community Service Technology and also Criminal Justice. He has earned a Bachelor Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Aenon Bible College- Distant Learning Program.

District Elder Ronnie Carter is married to the lovely Elect Lady Irma Carter.

Lady Carter is a beautiful First Lady and is an example of a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31). She works faithfully by her husband’s side in ministry and does whatever it takes to help in the kingdom of God.  Sis. Carter is an intercessor and has a heart for souls.  She is very seasoned in the word of God and can relate to anyone . First Lady Carter has a very sweet spirit, a kind heart and she truly loves the Lord.

Sis. Carter is a wonderful mother to her children Petrina, Rosalyn followed by two sons, Ronnie Jr. And Isaiah and her grandchildren.  District Elder and Elect Lady Carter are proud parents.